The network of electric charging stations you were looking for.


Dedicated App

The information is made visible on any terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone) and distributed in a personalized way according to the figure that uses them.


All information on public or private stations and in addition to current or current top ups can be consulted in real time.


You can search for the charging station closest to you and follow the quickest route to get your batteries full of energy.


Once the recharge has been started it is possible to check, even remotely, the progress of the recharge and to be notified in case of alarms or end of recharge.

Secure payments

In public stations you can recharge by Credit Card or Prepaid, all in extreme security and speed.
In the private ones, the manager himself will authorize you through a digital coupon.

Internet of Things

The modems installed inside our products allow us to take advantage of the new technologies of the internet of things, so as to have the possibility to interact with the station itself and intervene remotely in case of need.

Big Data

You will be able to access a series of statistical data and to consult a report on the station and the top-ups (eg number of recharges made over a period of time, Kwh Erogati, etc.)

To monitor

You will always have a way to check the status of the station and if there are any alert messages for reporting problems.

Benefits for the manager

Coupon management

In the case of a private station, you can decide to issue coupons to sell or give to their customers.
You will have three types of coupons: value in €; value in time; value in € consumable within a certain period;


In complete autonomy, you will be able to decide whether the station is public or private and to configure some parameters of the charging station, such as the Khw cost per minute of recharge and the recharge power (therefore the recharge speed).



Our flagship product! It offers many services managed by the charging station or through the app.

  • Customizable design
  • Touch screen for charging management
  • Customized management through software
  • Up to 22 kW per socket
  • Single / Three phase
  • 1 or 2 sockets
  • Remote assistance thanks to the integrated modem


The perfect charging station for your home. Simple, small and elegant.

No more looking for a place to recharge your car!

  • Ideal for home use
  • Timed recharge by timer (optional)
  • Adjustable power
  • Single / Three phase
  • Possibility to integrate cable
  • 1 socket


Fast and powerful, it offers maximum recharge speed, using intelligent software and many additional services.

  • Fast
  • Powerful (DC charging up to 100 kW, AC up to 22 kW)
  • Touch screen for charging management
  • Customized management through software
  • 3 customizable sockets
  • Remote assistance thanks to the integrated modem

Do you have any doubts or questions?

Do not worry, check out our frequently asked questions page and you will surely be clearer.



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