Frequently Asked Questions


You can find out by visiting this page.

The charging times depend mainly on two factors: charging station power output (kW) and maximum charging power allowed by the electric vehicle; if they are different, the lowest is set.

The charge cost is established by the charging station manager and it can be viewed, via App, in the details of the selected charging station.

Of course, our product designed specifically for home purpose is the WallBox.

You can check all the technical details by downloading this PDF.

No, the standard power of the domestic house (3 kW) is enough to have a fully charged battery every morning.

E-motion charging stations support the connector type 2 Mennekes.

In addition, the FAST supports also CCS COMBO2 and CHAdeMO connectors.

If you have chosen the EVO or FAST charging station you can check in real time the following information: power output, kWh delivered and the charging session cost.

These data can be consulted via App or through portal.

In the App, once logged in, you have to click on the Map item in the top menu.

In the website you can find them at this link.

You can contact us through the contact form at this link or through the contacts at the bottom of the site.


Public charging stations can be used by anyone who downloaded the App, created a SpotLink account and proceeded to upload money on it.

Private charging stations can be used through a request to the charging station manager (by e-mail or phone call), after registering with our network. It will be at the charging station manager discretion whether to accept the request or not.

The choice between public and private setting is reserved for customers who choose EVO and FAST charging station, as they are provided with E-motion software.

If you have chosen EVO or FAST charging station, you can independently change the power output (kW) remotely. To do this, you have to go to portal and change the power output on the settings menu.


Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB.


If you want to know all features of SpotLink platform for manage your EV recharge station, download here the guideo

Absolutely, as a manager for each station you can decide whether to make the access open to all, or only to some users and you can also set at what time the station is accessible.

In the user management section, you can set up access to some specific users, while in the settings section you can decide the times and the type of basic access, as explained in the usage guide in these FAQs

Simple, users to recharge their EV use their preloaded SpotLink credit. At the end of the month will be sent to you a report with all the recharges provided by your charging stations.

At this point you just have to send an invoice to us, and once verified the actual amount, the bill will be paid.

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